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Off Grid power systems are solar systems that are not connected to the power grid. They are completely independent and has more number of parts, but which also results in complete energy independence and therefore, NO power bills!

Features and Applications of Off Grid Solar:

Being completely independent from the power grid offers a lot, especially to business owners and industrial entrepreneurs.
  • Since operating Heavy machinery requires a higher amount of energy than residential usage, and the commercial rates for energy are just as higher, it is an economic dream-come-true to be independent of the skyrocketing power prices.
    A one-time investment in an off-grid solar system would ensure your business to be energy independent for the forseeable future.
  • Off-grid solar systems are the perfect solutions of those who have chosen to, or are considering setting up their business in remote areas or thinking about a home in an area with constant power cuts in the main grid.
    Be it for a home or a business, You can say good bye to power cuts and energy outages
To sum up, off grid solar is all about complete independency from the power grid – making oneself completely self-dependent in terms of energy, be it for Commercial or Residential usage.