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On Grid Solar Systems are connected to the main utility power grid, and works along with it. Any fluctuation or deficiency in Power is compensated by the power grid. In addition, any excess energy generated by the solar system is fed back to the grid. In short, you can not only Save immensely on electricity bills, but are presented with an opportunity for passive income.

Features and Applications of On Grid Solar:

On Grid systems work to the benefit of those who prefer not to completely separate themselves from the Main Power Grid. The Power Grid, would, in a way, complement the solar energy produced, and vice versa.
  • Reduced Electricity bills- As the power system is connected to the main grid, you only have to pay for the surplus energy you consume, if any.
  • Passive Income-The connection to the grid works both ways! The consumer can charge for any surplus energy he feeds back to the grid. This means in addition to the elimination of Electricity bills, you also avail monetary benefits for the excess energy generated.
  • Easy Maintenance- An On-Grid Solar power system has the least number of parts, which, in turn, means simple installation and maintenance.
  • Convenience and Value for Money- On grid systems are ideal for residential use, due to the easy installation process, minimal maintenance requirements, and the fact that the cost can be recovered easily through the additional income!
Summing up, an on grid solar system helps your home or business be more energy efficient. It ensures the stability of energy, and provides for an opportunity at generating passive income, all at comparatively lower costs of installation and maintenance.